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I am a personal trainer and have dedicated to helping others improve their fitness. I love a good performance in sports and enjoy the outdoor with my two Labradors. As a passionate fitness professional, I am equipped with qualifications in the PTA Global Bridging Course, as well as certificates in Stretch Therapist (IPTFA), Stretching Coach (AASFP), Sport Massage (AASFP), Personal Trainer (AASFP), Kettle Bell (Agatsu Fitness USA), Club Bell (Agatsu Fitness USA), AED and CPR (St. John).  I firmly regard continuous education as the key to health & personal growth, hence I also pursue training in the Boxing Coach, Rumble Runner, Prenatal & Postpartum, GMB Workshop, Gymnastics Foundation Workshop, and Hand Balance Workshop. I live by the motto – train hard, play hard, enjoy life – and believe one must be better today than one from yesterday.

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