Mike has been devoting to boxing since 2004 and spent his following year in Muay Thai training and competed in the related competitions. Since 2012 he has began his career as a certified boxing trainer. Soon after he has found his interest in powerlifting and being selected as a Hong Kong squad member by HKWPA.  Mike incorporates his extensive experiences in teaching boxing and being a professional powerlifting athletes, making sure that each punch helps clients improve their boxing techniques as well as their strength performances.

MuayThai Instructor Certification Course - (AASFP), MuayThai Instructor- Fu Tak International (KF1), Boxing Training Program Certificate - (HKBA), Fitness Training and Managemen, High Diploma (Lingnan University), Resistance Training Instructor Certification - (IPFA), Certified – Bronze Professional Personal Fitness Trainer –(IPTFA), Certified in TRX, Certified in POWER PLATE, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Gymnastic Movement Level 1

Hong Kong Benchpress Championships (Classic)2017 66kg Open Champion, Hong Kong Benchpress Championships (Geared )2017 66kg Open Champion, Hong Kong Deadlift Championships (Geared) 2017- 66kg Open Champion, International Classic HK Powerlifting Invitations Championships 2016 - 66kg Open Second runner up, Asia/Oceania ClAssic Powerlifting Championships 2016 - 66kg Open third runner up -Hong Kong Powerlifting Team 2016 -Hong Kong Bench Press Championships 2016 - 66kg Open First runner up

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